HOWTO: Fix GWIA on 2003: Can’t send outbound mail – 450 host down

I wasted so much time on this problem I felt compelled to post of info regarding it.

New install of Groupwise 7 sp2 on 2003, new system, domain, everything. Can receive incoming mail no problem, but can’t send….. get the dreaded 450 host down in most instances. This indicates a DNS problem, or a connectivity issue. DNS is right, I’m sitting on load-balanced gig copper, so that rules that out. As it turns out, it IS a DNS issue…. I can add a manual entry to my resolv.conf and then I can send to that domain. Double-checked my DNS servers, they are right, I swear it! Ah, but alas, Novell decided to stick the DNS entries in a registry entry! Lame.

Gotta give props to the folks at for help with this one, albeit a bit late (moved everything back to Netware, works great) 😦

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2 Responses to HOWTO: Fix GWIA on 2003: Can’t send outbound mail – 450 host down

  1. Bill Jones says:

    We are having a simular issue. We can send to all but one domain. This domain changed their MX entry in dns a few weeks ago and the GWIA seams to have cached it somehow. From the 2003 server I can ping the mx antry and get the correct ip address but when the GWIA sends the email it resolves the old one. Any iseas for this?


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