Hamachi – sliced bread had a good run…

First off, I gotta give credit to J-rod for this.

For quite some time now, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to centralize, or at least synchronize, all of my stuff between my main machine(s) and my work laptop; things such as work forms, network documentation, patches, hacks, and the list goes on.

I’ve toyed with using my machine at home as a PPTP server and dialing in remotely, but it was cumbersome.

Tinkered with some FTP scripts to move my data at scheduled intervals, but this wasn’t very satisfying or intelligent, and I felt like I always ran the risk on actually losing my data if it decided to sync up to a machine, and it for some reason may have lost the data. Plus it wasn’t that secure.

Then came iFolder. Chris setup an iFolder at the office, which was slick, and it ran well; it did pretty much everything I wanted; but the client was chunky, and slowed up my boot time considerably. So I ditched that.

Then came Hamachi. J-rod put me onto this and said it worked great for LAN gaming over a WAN, which it did; from his place in Valdosta to mine in Dublin, we got pings from 25-40ms consistently over Hamachi… maybe faster than when we would play Jedi Knight MP over coax in the same room…… probably not. But still. It’s amazing to think how far the technology has come since then.

But back to my story. So I start dinking around with Hamachi, and found that I could browse my PCs at home remotely as long as Hamachi is running and logged in… and it’s fast too. Not exactly revolutionary, this is just what a regular VPN does. But this was so easy! Now, I just have Hamachi loaded on my laptop, and point my Documents folder to a share on my PC at home, and it works great. One place for all my stuff. And secure too, w/ 256-bit SSL encryption. No need to piddle with firewalls, I can just tunnel through port 80 if I have to.

Did I mention it was free?

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2 Responses to Hamachi – sliced bread had a good run…

  1. j4ck5p4rr0w says:

    Hey, you know what would be cool? If you posted something about Rush or Star Trek on your blog! Then it might actualy be worth reading every now and then…

  2. Jason says:

    Or maybe some hot chicks in skimpy pirate-era getups?

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