SATA in DL140 G3 = chugalug

So I’ve setup two DL140 G3 servers this week, at different sites and for different purposes; however, they both had pretty much the same hardware: Dual-Core Xeon proc, 1gig mem, and 160gig SATA drives.  I am sad to say…. the disk performance was atrocious. One server was running through the onboard SATA controller provided through the Intel chipset, while the other was running off of a LSI Logic SATA/SAS controller. Performance was dismal on both. I find this odd, because I’ve used SATA in other servers with great success, and my experience with HP servers has been uniformly great. The systems would come to a crawl in doing just basic operations, such as copying files, expanding a service pack, and even boot-up.  The disk I/O is eating up a LOT of CPU, almost 100% on the first core! I still think that overall this is a good server, and cheap, but definately not for heavy disk access with this model. It is ideal for a low-duty web server or file server, or an application server that isn’t going to peg the disks.

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