Zenworks 8 (Pulsar)

I’ve been doing a bit of reading on this upcoming release, and I’m pretty stoked. This looks to be a complete redesign of ZEN, which needed to be done, since at the core there isn’t much difference between ZEN 4 and 7. From what I understand from reading the dev’s blog, it is completely self-contained; I won’t have to load modules all over the place for the different components, and I apparently won’t be importing workstations or creating policy packages in eDir anymore. That seems like a good idea, and will keep eDir a lot cleaner (a clean directory is a happy one).

Other tidbits:

  • Won’t run on Netware (OES2, SLES 10, and Windows Server 2003 only)
  • Native integration with active directory (middle tier server gone)
  • Doesn’t store objects in eDir or AD, but has own database and merely talks to directory through LDAP
  • Completely web-based administration (no more ConsoleOne snapins, w00t)

Once I relearn the meaning of ‘spare time’ I’ll have to give it a go in the lab. Don’t expect anything soon though.

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