Open Enterprise Server 2

This is another product that I’m pretty excited about. For the past couple of years, I’ve been waiting for a suitable replacement for Netware; logically, this would be OES on linux. However, the first version of OES on linux didn’t impress me. On top of that, my existing Netware 6.5 sp5 boxes were running rock-solid, so why make the jump from using a product that already does everything you want, and does it great, to a product that tries to do all of the same stuff…… but not quite as well (yet)? I wasn’t prepared to make that jump just for the sake of running linux, which is excatly what I felt I would be doing.

But now OES2 is coming out soon, which, as I was told by a Novell salesperson, would be the successor to Netware. In reading up on the some of the features, it looks like be a very compelling product in a number of ways:

  • eDirectory-enabled DNS/DHCP (OES on linux didn’t have it)
  • Domain Services for Windows (CIFS was PANTS!)
  • Xen Virtualization

I’m particularly interested in virtualizing all of my NW 6.5 boxes on an OES2 box, as it would seriously free up some CPU power; my quad-core Xeons running Netware are downright bored at the moment. Of course, this would likely only be a stepping-stone to moving everything over to OES2. I just hope they include a nice migration-wizard style app to transition everything over to a virtual machine.

Read more about OES2 here:

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2 Responses to Open Enterprise Server 2

  1. Ian says:

    Hey, just found your blog here. Any qualms with me adding a link to your site from my own? Cheers.

  2. Matt says:

    By all means. And thanks for stopping by.

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