Update of DL140 G3 SATA setup

It’s easy to burnout with this job. Mentally, I mean.

I’ve been irritated that I didn’t have a hardware RAID 1 running on my new server; it was hot swap drives connected to and LSI SATA/SAS controller. For whatever reason, I overlooked the RAID array creation option in the HBA BIOS, and just ended up installing Server 2003 and setting up………… software mirroring…… (a grave sin). I am ashamed to say this. Well I come back from vacation, only to find that my software mirror had already failed! I got what I deserved I guess. So I think, there is no way this controller is just JBOD. So I reboot the server, go back into the HBA BIOS, and I find the RAID option in 2 seconds. What an idiot. I reload the OS and everything is peachy. Performance is quite good now as well.

I wonder what other epiphanies I’ll have now that I’m back.

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3 Responses to Update of DL140 G3 SATA setup

  1. luke says:

    Where did you find the raid option? i can’t fint it for the life of me.

  2. koolbeans says:

    It was the the system BIOS, you have a change the mode of the onboard controller before it is RAID-enable. I can’t remember where to tell you to go right off the top of my head.

  3. Graham Gray says:

    Change the SATA mode to enhanced and you then get an additional option to enable the RAID.

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