HOWTO: Reinstall iManager 2.5, Apache2, and salvage iPrint

Your certificates need to already be in order for this to actually work.

I’ve had iManager 2.5 blown up on my iPrint server for a few weeks now, which means I haven’t been able to do any administration of my printers. That’s bad.  I tried to do an inplace upgrade to iManager 2.6, but that did nothing for me. I determined that the problem was somewhere within Apache, and ended up uninstalling Apache2, Tomcat, and iManager.


iPrint itself is now broken. In my haste I didn’t stop to think that it actually relies on Apache for all of my printing, via the IPP URL….. so when I blew away Apache, I broke printing totally…… what now?

Time for lunch.

After eating a sub, I realized that my fix was an easy one; just reload iManager, Apache, and Tomcat off of the CD through the GUI, and it should re-write my config files. I can handle that. So I do this, and to my joy, iManager is back in business. However, printing through IPP is still not working. I check my Apache log screen, and see that it is not listening on port 631 like it should be. Now, I go digging through my httpd.conf, comparing it to my old version (yes, the backup saved my can today) and compared. They are basically identical except for one line at the bottom:

include iprint/ipp.conf

So I added this in, restarted, and everything is back online.

Now, it’s officially a ‘good day’. 🙂

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