Projects out of the way

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything here, been really busy with a lot of different projects.

The one I’m most proud of is setting up a fiber WAN connecting 5 sites @ a gig. It’s fast, really fast. I thought I would be setting it up using Procurve 3400cl switches, so imagine my surprise when Cisco 3650G switches showed up instead. No big deal really, all of the priciples apply, just the command execution is a bit different. Been up and running for close to a month now, and let me say, it is fast!

I also wrapped up a consolidate project for a customer, where I migrated four physical servers to a single virtual server. The customer has now replaced 11 physical servers with 3 rackmount ones. Virtualization isn’t a thing of the future anymore, it is now.

Got a few more projects coming up soon, I’ll post on those later.

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