My Vista SP1 Experience

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the long-awaited release of SP1 for Vista. There has also been no shortage of press articles about how Microsoft has released a dud of a product, and how everyone should wait until SP1 comes out to get serious about using it, especially businesses, where the potential for a headache is greatest. Stories abound of users switching back to XP after fooling with Vista, and being oh so much happier!

The FUD abounds.

I’ve been running Vista for a little over a year now, and have been quite happy with it. I’ve even had several computers in that span of time, with varying hardware configurations, and they all took Vista quite well. All of my Apps and Games run about the same as they did on XP, some a little bit faster, and some a LOT faster.

But just for grins and giggles, I decide to go ahead and take the plunge and install SP1 for Vista, even though it has only been out a short while. If I toast my machine, so be it. Maybe I’d be able to learn something interesting from the whole affair, and I would at least be able to post it here to help out somebody else who ended up with the same problem.

So I proceed. I just let it download the update through the built-in Update functionality of Vista, as opposed to downloading the redistributable package. After I downloaded and installed it, I rebooted it, only to find…..

Everything still worked. My apps still worked. My games still worked. My printers still worked. File copies were a bit faster. Boot time was at least the same as it was before. I didn’t have to download any driver updates for my relatively recent hardware. In fact, the whole Aero interface seemed a little snappier, and my usual apps loaded and closed just a tad quicker. No problems to contend with whatsoever. Oh and BTW, I’m running Vista Home Premium 64-bit…. not that this matters much today, but not so long ago, if you ran Windows XP 64-bit or just about any 64-bit version of an OS for that matter, getting drivers and driver updates was somewhat of a crapshoot. Looks like Microsoft has done something right.

I feel like this is a typical experience for most Vista users updating to Service Pack 1. I’m sure there are some users out there whose machines were torched by SP1; but this sort of thing has been typical in the IT industry from it’s inception. Sometimes when you install an update / service pack for a product, it WILL blow up in your face. It’s a fact of life as a technician/engineer. If Vista is your first experience with this, then you probably have not been doing this for long. The only difference now is that Microsoft and Vista are under the microscope, and it’s producing all sorts of negative publicity, which feeds the FUDmonster.

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