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Google is taking over!

Ha. Well I’ll say this: I’ve decided to start using google documents instead of sticking with my Hamachi solution that I mentioned earlier. I came to find that at certain sites my Hamachi performance was quite inconsistent, especially if I … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Import and Export DHCP reservations in server 2003

Load-balancing your DHCP has been well documented, but the matter of synchronizing your IP reservations has always the fly in the ointment. But no more. To export DHCP reservations, from the source server: netsh dhcp server [ip address] scope [scope … Continue reading

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Virtual Servers with VMWare

I installed my first production virtual server host over a year ago using a product called ESX Server by VMWare. Simply put, it is awesome! I have had four moderate use file servers running off of this virtual server, for … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Create an ISO in linux with DD

During my second install of ESX Server, I decided that I needed speed up the deployment of my Server 2003 virtual machines. The last time I setup ESX Server, which was over a year ago, I simply created an ISO … Continue reading

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Update of DL140 G3 SATA setup

It’s easy to burnout with this job. Mentally, I mean. I’ve been irritated that I didn’t have a hardware RAID 1 running on my new server; it was hot swap drives connected to and LSI SATA/SAS controller. For whatever reason, … Continue reading

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Open Enterprise Server 2

This is another product that I’m pretty excited about. For the past couple of years, I’ve been waiting for a suitable replacement for Netware; logically, this would be OES on linux. However, the first version of OES on linux didn’t … Continue reading

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Hamachi – sliced bread had a good run…

First off, I gotta give credit to J-rod for this. For quite some time now, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to centralize, or at least synchronize, all of my stuff between my main machine(s) and my … Continue reading

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Zenworks 8 (Pulsar)

I’ve been doing a bit of reading on this upcoming release, and I’m pretty stoked. This looks to be a complete redesign of ZEN, which needed to be done, since at the core there isn’t much difference between ZEN 4 … Continue reading

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SATA in DL140 G3 = chugalug

So I’ve setup two DL140 G3 servers this week, at different sites and for different purposes; however, they both had pretty much the same hardware: Dual-Core Xeon proc, 1gig mem, and 160gig SATA drives.  I am sad to say…. the … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Add Static routes on IPCop, and add to startup

In my opinion, this should have been added to the web interface LONG ago…. but the IPCop folks seem determined to keep it as a SOHO firewall and nothing more….. and the vast majority of SOHO setups only deal with … Continue reading

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