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IPCop vs. pfSense

I’ve played around with each of these a pretty good bit. I run IPCop at home and at a customer site, and pfSense I’ve messed with off and on, and have been impressed by it’s performance and features. Despite what … Continue reading

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Google is taking over!

Ha. Well I’ll say this: I’ve decided to start using google documents instead of sticking with my Hamachi solution that I mentioned earlier. I came to find that at certain sites my Hamachi performance was quite inconsistent, especially if I … Continue reading

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Virtual Servers with VMWare

I installed my first production virtual server host over a year ago using a product called ESX Server by VMWare. Simply put, it is awesome! I have had four moderate use file servers running off of this virtual server, for … Continue reading

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Hamachi – sliced bread had a good run…

First off, I gotta give credit to J-rod for this. For quite some time now, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to centralize, or at least synchronize, all of my stuff between my main machine(s) and my … Continue reading

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