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HOWTO: Backup ZCM Sybase SQL database.

I’m currently running of ZCM and am prepping to make the move to 10.1.1, which will require a DVD install. I want to make sure that my stuff is backed up before I do this! Here’s how: From the … Continue reading

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HOWTO: copy running config to TFTP on PIX 6.x

Pretty simple, but slightly different: write net running-config where is the IP of the TFTP server.

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Procurve Best Practices: auto-negotiation and fiber optics

First off, let me say that fiber optic connections using Procurve equipment do not auto-negotiate. And yet, there is a setting to set your mini-GBIC (SFP) to 100-half, 100-full, 1000-half, 1000-full, and even auto-1000. This is retarded. Fiber by it’s … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Reinstall iManager 2.5, Apache2, and salvage iPrint

Your certificates need to already be in order for this to actually work. I’ve had iManager 2.5 blown up on my iPrint server for a few weeks now, which means I haven’t been able to do any administration of my … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Delete local users through Group Policy and vbscript

If you deal with imaging a lot, you’ve probably run into a situation where you have some local users on a workstation that you don’t want to be there, maybe they were creating during the OS install or whatever. It’s … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Import and Export DHCP reservations in server 2003

Load-balancing your DHCP has been well documented, but the matter of synchronizing your IP reservations has always the fly in the ointment. But no more. To export DHCP reservations, from the source server: netsh dhcp server [ip address] scope [scope … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Create an ISO in linux with DD

During my second install of ESX Server, I decided that I needed speed up the deployment of my Server 2003 virtual machines. The last time I setup ESX Server, which was over a year ago, I simply created an ISO … Continue reading

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