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HOWTO: Backup ZCM Sybase SQL database.

I’m currently running of ZCM and am prepping to make the move to 10.1.1, which will require a DVD install. I want to make sure that my stuff is backed up before I do this! Here’s how: From the … Continue reading

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My Vista SP1 Experience

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the long-awaited release of SP1 for Vista. There has also been no shortage of press articles about how Microsoft has released a dud of a product, and how everyone should wait … Continue reading

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Projects out of the way

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything here, been really busy with a lot of different projects. The one I’m most proud of is setting up a fiber WAN connecting 5 sites @ a gig. It’s fast, really … Continue reading

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Google is taking over!

Ha. Well I’ll say this: I’ve decided to start using google documents instead of sticking with my Hamachi solution that I mentioned earlier. I came to find that at certain sites my Hamachi performance was quite inconsistent, especially if I … Continue reading

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Update of DL140 G3 SATA setup

It’s easy to burnout with this job. Mentally, I mean. I’ve been irritated that I didn’t have a hardware RAID 1 running on my new server; it was hot swap drives connected to and LSI SATA/SAS controller. For whatever reason, … Continue reading

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Open Enterprise Server 2

This is another product that I’m pretty excited about. For the past couple of years, I’ve been waiting for a suitable replacement for Netware; logically, this would be OES on linux. However, the first version of OES on linux didn’t … Continue reading

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Zenworks 8 (Pulsar)

I’ve been doing a bit of reading on this upcoming release, and I’m pretty stoked. This looks to be a complete redesign of ZEN, which needed to be done, since at the core there isn’t much difference between ZEN 4 … Continue reading

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SATA in DL140 G3 = chugalug

So I’ve setup two DL140 G3 servers this week, at different sites and for different purposes; however, they both had pretty much the same hardware: Dual-Core Xeon proc, 1gig mem, and 160gig SATA drives.  I am sad to say…. the … Continue reading

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